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VUC JO9-1G – Wilhelmus JO9-2 (4-6)

As promised an English report, and what better opponent to write it against like VUC JO9-1G 😊.Not only the name makes it appropriate, but as well as the fact that the British School is across the street.

So VUC one of the older clubs in The Hague (founded 1909) and the mascots of The Hague are also ready just outside the grounds (locally known as Reigâhs):


Game ON!! Let’s kick some stork butt. The last game of the autumn season. The first chance is for us, Ishairo plays Ruben free, who hits the outside of the post and the ball goes wide.

We should start at a later time more often, we are fresh and are all over VUC’s goal area. Hamza shoots hard directly in the hands of the goalkeeper. He is on a roll, not long he has a free opportunity but shoots over, not enough patience this time.

The VUC coach reminds us that this is not ballet, but football (we don’t call it soccer here), luckily our boys know that they play football, because a corner from Milan lands perfectly on Ishairo’s head, but the keeper was able to get it.

A deep pass by Bruce into Kaleb’s feet make the halftime score 0-1. We are pressing hard on VUC’s goal, but they defend well, but are unable to make any advances’ on our goal.

The second half we continue the first half, quick 0-2 by Hamza who got the ball nicely from Kaleb. Hamza gets the hang of it and runs with the ball and is able to score 0-3 in the most smallest gap he could find between the goalpost and the keeper. 0-4 Hamza again!!!

VUC does something back 1-4, while Hamza sends Ruben away, who apparently has an appointment with the goalpost.

What’s going on??? In no time VUC comes back to 4-4, it seems as they send in a totally different team, or we were a bit too much laid back. Come on team, backs straight and score!

They seemed to have gotten the message, Kaleb delivers a huge relieve for us supporters 4-5 😊 and we are back on track. Bruce’s kick from a distance goes over, but it is Hamza ho has the last kick of the match, with a beautiful goal from a great distance the end score is set to 4-6.

Too bad of the VUC goals, those were not necessary, but in the end we still won.