Wilhelmus at the “Feel at Home International Community Fair”
VV Wilhelmus smoke-free from January 1, 2019
On Sunday morning, the 29th of October, our veteran team played against Kethel Spaland from Schiedam. At one point, Roberto Iasevoli, 53, received an acute cardiac arrest.
We've got our very own Wilhelmus Beer!
O'Caseys Irish pub & restaurant will be our new main sponsor for the coming football seasons!
New Year's reception 2017
Cashless Bar from October 31st - ONLY CARD or CLUB CARD!!
Our very own Michael Blocks, a.k.a. El Presidente, got interviewed at Den Haag FM.
You are invited to join The Wilhelmus Family day on the 11th of June 2016 (Saturday). The title says it all: Family Day. On this Saturday, you are invited with your family to come to Wilhelmus and spend the day with the kids and parents and listen to nice music and a good BBQ.
As rumored, the Wilhelmus year-end party will be on June 4 at O'Casey's, starting at 19:30. As with last year, barbecued burgers and sausages will be available for purchase. Of course, you're also welcome to order off the regular menu instead. The back garden will be reserved for us, so let's hope for good weather that night.